Preserving your Bouquet as Art

This is a unique way to preserve your bridal bouquet as an art piece for generations to come. How it works is I bring the bouquet home after the wedding day and take apart the beautiful blooms and greenery to stylistically design and display them. They are arranged on fine European linen or textured stucco. The design is then photographed and inscribed with the genus of each flower in a gorgeous calligraphy. It is printed in a quality matte finish, framed, and shipped directly to your home!


The Process –
On your wedding day I will help you keep your bouquet as hydrated as possible throughout the day. The night of your wedding I take the bouquet home and store it in my fridge to keep the flowers as luscious as possible. The next morning I will fix and rehydrate any blooms that need help. Once your design is created, calligraphy will be added with the genus of each flower. I will need to know exactly what florals you will have in your bouquet and design. The best way to figure out the exact name of your flowers is to email your wedding florist.

You will then choose the size of your art piece and also the frame style. Your art piece will be printed, framed and ready to ship directly to your home! Because of the custom nature of each design, it typically takes 4-8 weeks from start to finish.


Frame Styles – Black, White, Natural Woodgrain, Grey Woodgrain


Sizes & Pricing
20×30 – $350
16×24 – $275
12×18 – $200