Everyone’s been asking about seeing our wedding and honeymoon pictures. I’m probably doing this backwards by posting about our honeymoon first, but we just got back and I am still living it. I literally am having dreams every night about traveling and being in tropical places. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. I like to think I am now a Mayan Riviera Photographer 😛  This was by far the most enjoyable vacation I have ever been on.

Secrets Maroma Beach was one of the best weeks of my life. It’s a 5 star, all inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera just south of Cancun. On the Secrets website they say you will experience unlimited luxury, and it was exactly that. Whatever your hearts desire, they make it happen. The moment we walked onto the resort grounds they had champagne waiting for us. They made sure our glass was always full. 😉

Some of my favorite parts of the experience:

– Laughing with my husband. Of course my favorite part of the trip was being with my new husband! After a very long year it was exactly what we needed to let go and have fun.

– All the animals. There were beautiful little birds chirping all around us, little Mexican raccoons they called Coati’s, and iguanas everywhere. We even had one iguana that would come out everyday and sunbath on our patio. Zach named him Antonio!

– The Secrets box. This was living in luxury. There was a large box located near your door that opened into your room and also outside your room in the walkway. When you ordered room service your concierge would place your food in the box so as not to disturb you. Every morning they put our favorite breakfast items in our box at 7:00 on the dot!

– Bringing my camera. Scrolling through my photos, I keep reliving the moments over and over again. I can now officially call myself a Mayan Riviera Photographer!

– Meeting new people. Another one of my favorite parts was meeting our new British friends Kylie and Alex! What’s crazy is they are only 30 miles away from where Zach and I will be when we go to England this July! It is such a small world and we feel like it was almost destined that we meet each other.

A few days into the week Alex and Kylie shared with us that they just got engaged on the beach! Zach and I were of course so thrilled for them and I immediately offered to shoot their engagement session at the resort as a Mayan Riviera Photographer. So we all decided that we would get up at sunrise for the shoot. This was one of the best decisions I feel we made on the trip. I have never experienced a sunrise so beautiful in my life.

Take a look at all we captured together!

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