What is a “First Look”?

The”first look” is where you see each other before walking down the aisle. “First looks” provide the opportunity to complete the couple, wedding party and family portraits before the ceremony, which then allows for more quality time with guests post ceremony. Every couple needs to decide what the best fit is for their relationship in this moment since not every wedding and time-line is created equal.

Why you should think about doing a first look –

– There will be more time allotted for portraits throughout the wedding day.

– Seeing each other before the ceremony can be a source of comfort that will quell any nerves and ensure a more relaxed walk down the aisle.

– You will get to experience this intimate moment in private. Wedding days go by quickly, so this is an opportunity to spend more time together.

– Because portraits will be capture before the ceremony, you will have the option to join the cocktail hour and spend more time with guests.

– The sun sets much earlier during Winter weddings, so by having a first look you will still get your photos with the natural day light.

Checkout Kali and Jimmy’s adorable and teary eyed “first look” HERE.

The First Look


Why a first look might not be the best choice for the two of you –

– The walk down the aisle may feel anti-climactic. If you have always dreamed of seeing the look on your significant other’s face at this moment, doing a first look might take away some of that excitement.

– The moment can feel contrived rather than organic.

– Your family and guests miss out on seeing the look on your faces when you see each other for the first time.

– When doing a first look you will need to get up quite a bit earlier and be in your wedding attire for longer.

– The dress might be a little bit dirty before walking down the aisle.

Kate and Josh’s aisle moment is the perfect example of how you want the groom to react when he sees you for the first time! HERE

The First Look

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