Meet Kat

Hi, I'm so glad you're here! My roots began in Maine, but my current home base is just south of Boston, and I travel all over New England and beyond to photograph weddings. I've been living my dream for 10 years, documenting wedding stories that are each unique in their own way. I am truly obsessed with what I get to do! I knew I was meant to be a wedding photographer after my first wedding when I couldn't stop crying behind the camera because of the joy I felt for my couple!

I'm a classic Extroverted Cancer/ESFJ: warm and sensitive, while also sharing my goofy, humorous side with my couples. I get really animated when I'm "in the zone" photographing. Don't be surprised if you hear me scream out of excitement or yell out obnoxious validations giving you reassurance that you're doing great in front of the camera! I always guarantee some laughs along the way, and this helps relieve any awkwardness you might feel while being in front of the camera.

I'm also a hybrid photographer, meaning, that I capture my work in both digital and film formats. I love the beautiful skin tones, romantic feel, and soft grain of film. My work is light and airy in tone, and naturally emotive in energy.




Traveling has instilled in me a love for other cultures, and inspires me to seek that out within my own work. Some of my favorite cities are Savannah, St. Augustine, Oxford, Delft, and Brugge. My dream is to one day own a mini cottage in the Cotswolds with Zach and our pug Stanley!

The best part of this life I live is that I get to spend it with my husband Zach. We've been married for 5 years, and our favorite date night is still getting into our comfy clothes and snuggling up on the couch to watch Harry Potter and binge on crime dramas.

My perfect pup is 4 years old and makes me laugh every day. Pugs are known for being quirky and playful, so he perfectly fits into me and Zach's weird life! I'm fully a part of the pug club, so if during your engagement session we see one, I will absolutely need to say Hello!


> P.S. I need ALL the puppers in my life, so bringing your fur baby to your engagement session or wedding is a must!